Crawl Optimization Plugin

The Crawl Optimizer is a powerful plugin designed specifically for the WordPress content management system. This plugin streamlines the process of website crawling and indexing by search engines, thereby improving the site’s overall search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility.

The plugin has three main sections: Crawl Optimization, Robots.txt Optimization, and Htaccess Optimization. The Crawl Optimization section focuses on removing unwanted metadata and feed links that can hinder the crawlability of your website. The plugin removes various elements such as hyperlinks, REST API links, generator tag, and powered by HTTP header from the HTTP headers to optimize your website. Additionally, it eliminates global feeds, comment feeds, post feeds, author feeds, post type feeds, category feeds, tag feeds, and custom taxonomy feeds to prevent content dissemination.

The Robots.txt Optimization section enables website owners to protect the backend of their website from search engines and web crawlers. This section allows users to block access to the WordPress administration panel while still allowing the dynamic functionality of the website to be crawled. The plugin offers both basic and advanced options to customize the robots.txt file, providing control over the content crawled by web crawlers. This section also blocks WayBackMachine crawler, ChatGPT Crawler, and other scrappers and bots from accessing your website content.

The Htaccess Optimization section is designed to restrict access to your site from specific countries based on their IP addresses. With this plugin, website owners can easily modify the .htaccess file to include rules that deny access from unwanted countries. This is useful for security reasons, such as preventing hackers or malicious actors from accessing the site, or for compliance with laws and regulations. The plugin also offers several other features to improve the security and performance of your website, including security headers, HTTPS redirect, disabling XMLRPC, and disabling directory browsing, user enumeration, and plugin and theme editor.

In conclusion, The Ultimate Crawl Optimizer is a comprehensive plugin that offers a range of features to streamline and optimize your website’s crawlability, protect your website from unwanted access, and improve the site’s security and performance. With this plugin, website owners can easily manage their robots.txt file, add sitemaps, and ensure that their website is protected and optimized for search engines.

Crawl Optimization Plugin
Crawl Optimization Plugin

Use Instructions:

Go to Crawl Optimization from WP Admin Dashboard

and Enable the ones that you want to remove